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Kenneth Scott

As a 6x published author, Kenneth uses the power of stories through his books to empower and inspire people.

"Living up to your true potential and dreams is what life's all about. We have many talents, so pursue them all."

- Latricia A. Banks



My Life's Journey Through Being a Mom, Lupus, and a Kidney Transplant

Twenty-Four is a Memoir about Kenneth's late mother, Latricia Banks, journey through being a mom, Lupus, and a kidney transplant.

As a caregiver to his mother, who battled with Lupus for 24 years, he witnessed day in and day out her going through pain, sacrifices, struggle, and heartache, trying to figure out how she would be able to support him financially and physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Twenty-Four's purpose is to help and encourage others to keep fighting in their journey, strengthening them to overcome their situation and not give up.

No Match for Purpose

A Sports-Inspired Guide Helping Athletes Transition From One Field to the Next

Pressure No Match for Purpose is a book series that helps athletes transition from one field to the next by building, leveraging, and utilizing their brands.

As a former highly sought-after recruit, collegiate, and professional athlete, I heard many former teammates, coaches, and athletes say: If I knew back then what I know now, I'd be, and then they fill in the blank with what they wish they had done.

Pressure No Match for Purpose's mission is to educate student-athletes by providing a resource to help maximize their window of opportunity, expanding and applying their skill sets to achieve success during and following their athletic careers.

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Brooklyn Dreams BIG!

A story about believing that you can achieve your dreams and having people around you help you achieve them.

Brooklyn is the main character in the story, and besides having many passions and things that excite her, she also serves a higher purpose of helping others through these passions.


While the media heavily influences our perceptions of success today, it's important to remember that our greatest success often comes from helping others succeed.

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